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Please, Support Us.

Our programmes depend solely on the generous donations and support of people like you.
With your support, we will be able to make the desired impact and success in discovering and nurturing the talents of these young ones. Your support in the areas below will be highly appreciated.


Your monetary donations will go a long way in helping us.
All our programmes depend on your generous support. Wouldn't you like to give us the required life line?

Provision Of Kits

Your donation of training kits will go a long way in helping us.
We will appreciate the support in the provision of kit for teams, a number of children or for competitions.

Technical Support

You could support us by coaching and providing technical support to us.
Would you like to support us with your experience to offer coaching or give life skills training?


As an individual or corporate body, we are open to your sponsorship of our competitions and / or financial support for our training programmes.

Be An Ambassador

Your voice is powerful, you have the network with the net worth.
We appreciate your informing others about Kids Tennis Community Foundation programmes as well as possible supporters we would not be able to reach on our own.

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